Film critic Patrick McDonald reviewed THE REPLACEMENT following its World Premiere at the 53rd Chicago International Film Festival...

"Mike McNamara, a veteran Chicago actor, produces the energy to convincingly portray different sides of the same physical form. His talent is apparent as the multiple characters are so sharply separate from each other that even though they of course look alike, they each have a distinct persona. From the smarmy bartender, to the confused state of a sanitary engineer, and finally to unctuous evil of a man in power, McNamara is able to produce all the emotions and characteristics necessary... 

...The atmosphere created by producer Naz Khan and director Sean Miller is Blade Runner-esque in its dread, and McNamara is a revelation as he portrays his multiple selves."

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“The Replacement” is a dark comedy set in a future where growing your own clones is as common as getting a new outfit. But sometimes your flawless clones make you feel like a loser… especially when he goes on to be President. Nick Digilio is happy to welcome Sean Miller (director), Naz Kahn (producer) and Mike McNamara (star) to talk about the movie and its World Premiere at the Chicago International Film Festival!

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The longest-running film festival in North America was the site for the long-awaited World Premiere for THE REPLACEMENT. The 52nd Annual Chicago International Film Festival brought this Chicago-made short film to the big screen on October 15th at AMC River East.

THE REPLACEMENT enjoyed some outstanding press during the run, including a glowing review in Time Out Chicago, in which Michael Smith declares "Mike McNamara turns in a delightful performance as Abe Stagsen, a janitor in a futuristic America who becomes outraged when one of his many clones successfully runs for President."

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The Inaugural Film50

Mike was named to NewCity's inaugural Film50 list, honoring the leaders of Chicago's independent film community. Here's a clip from the magazine:

An understated but vibrant mood prevails at the Midwest Independent Film Festival at Landmark Century, which has the tagline, “The Best Films of the Midwest. The First Tuesday of Every Month.” Informal cocktail mixers precede a producer’s panel on the night’s program, followed by an independent feature from Illinois or surrounding states, with an after-party for further conversation. “It’s a full evening,” says Mike McNamara, a Chicago actor who co-founded the group in 2005. “That first Tuesday, if you’re just coming out for a great time, it’ll rival your Friday.” McNamara hates the word “networking.” “We celebrate strength in the community, you go to Sundance, you’re networking, but then everything’s a networking event if you look at it that way.” At first, the programmers didn’t know if they could even find the content to last six months, but as 2014 marks their tenth anniversary, McNamara says “it’s kind of mind-blowing” that they’ve established “a film festival for filmmakers. It’s for film lovers but we specifically focus on bringing the filmmakers together.” The most recent outreach has been to show films from “folks in the advertising community, this whole other creative community we’ve worked hard to welcome in.” The monthly setup is unusual in the film festival world. “The reason we make it a year-round event as opposed to ten or twelve straight days so that there is a place for the entire independent film community to come together all year round.”

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Theatre Reviews: THE FRONT PAGE at TimeLine

The Front Page received multiple Joseph Jefferson Award nominations, including Best Ensemble. Here are a couple of press exceprts about THE FRONT PAGE:

"All praise, then, to Chicago’s TimeLine Theatre for resurrecting “The Front Page” and giving it a staging so full of brassy brio that you’ll wonder why you ever settled for less" - Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

"I must state that every performance here is first-class — making for one of the finest ensemble plays in years" - Tom Williams, The Chicago Critic

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Pride and Prejudice received multiple Joseph Jefferson Award nominations, including Best Production. Here are a couple of press exceprts about Pride and Prejudice:

"...a domestic epic in all its showcase glory. And given the sterling Chicago cast looking thoroughly secure in their solid work, it will be exactly what many people will be hoping to see." - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

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